TEAM5poker’s ‘Johnny Rags’ Has A Good Run at the 2019 WSOP in Las Vegas, NV

TEAM5poker’s ‘Johnny Rags’ Has A Good Run at the 2019 WSOP in Las Vegas, NV

TEAM5poker’s ‘Johnny Rags‘ Cashes for ~ $938 at the Golden Nugget Grand Tournament held at the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas, NV and caps an eventful 2-weeks of play during the 2019 WSOP footprint (June 2019)

TEAM5poker‘s ‘Johnny Rags‘ plays multiple events at the 2019 World Series of Poker (WSOP), Golden Nugget Grand Tournament and Santa Fe Station off of I-95 in Las Vegas, NV. All together it was a very eventful and profitable 2-weeks-of-play.


‘Johnny Rags’ won just over $200 in cash play after stopping at the Santa Fe Station Casino shortly after arrival in Las Vegas, NV. At about 1:00 am, the game fizzled when a number of players decided to call it a night.

Johnny Rags‘ cashed out and returned to the table to collect his things.

The only remaining player said, ‘I am an incredible heads-up player. I am virtually unbeatable at heads-up play. Do you want to play me heads-up?

Johnny Rags‘ said, ‘well, just how good are you?

He said, ‘I’m unbeatable and I simply cannot lose.”

Johnny Rags‘ said, ‘Since you are so good, I tell you what I will do. I will go get three red chips ($15) and play you heads-up for all of your chips (he had a rack-of-red plus eleven loose red chips/$555). ‘Rags’ continued with, ‘ in less than 1+30 mins, I will have all of your chips.’

He said, ‘That is not even remotely possible. I simply cannot be beat, so let’s do it.’

1-hour and 15-minutes later, ‘Johnny Rags‘ had all-of-his-chips.

THE LAST HAND: After grinding it out for slightly more than an hour heads-up, ‘Johnny Rags,’ finally had his opponent out-chipped (‘Rags$285 in red chips, opponent $250 in red chips). As the last hand was dealt, ‘Rag’s’ opponent abruptly pushed all of his chips into the pot and said, ‘all-in.’ ‘Johnny Rags’ looked down at his hold-cards and gazed upon KK. After a moments contemplation, ‘Rags’ said, ‘OK, I am all-in.’  The flop came 3, 3, 9 rainbow, giving ‘Rag’s’ opponent 9’s full of 3’s. ‘Rag’s’ opponent was beside himself with excitement/joy and he was unable to contain himself.  He was poised ready to pounce with his arms outstretched, standing up now in order to gather-in the entire pot. As luck would have it, a ‘K’ came on the turn giving ‘Johnny Rags’ the best hand with ‘K’s full of 3’s. Of course, his opponent was oblivious to anything after the flop in that he was absolutely convinced that he had a ‘hammer-lockon-the-hand. The river card was of no consequence and ‘Rag’s’ opponent true-to-form, put his outstretched arms around the circumference of the pot and was about to drag it to his seat (without waiting for the dealer to award the pot). ‘Rag’s’ exclaimed, ‘Sir, Sir look at the board. You Sir, are beat!’ With that, the dealer said, ‘he’s right,’ and awarded the pot to ‘Johnny Rags.’

The look of shock & amazement on ‘Rags‘ opponent face was in a word, ‘priceless!

A SIDE NOTE: ‘Rag’s‘ opponent got more-and-more hostile as he continued to bleed chips and even more so as ‘Rags‘ racked up all of his chips (please keep in mind that ‘Rags’ had been going to school on this guy all-night-long and that his opponent had been pounding the bottles of beer pretty hard. He was not what you would call a ‘happy drunk‘) (additionally, he shared that he had just had a baby the day before and ‘Rags’ had to wonder, ‘what kind of guy has a baby and then plays poker all-night-long the very next day?’ After watching his antics and being the subject of his verbal abuse, unprofessional behavior and total lack of sportsmanship, ‘Johnny Rags,’ had his answer).

So in parting shot ‘Johnny Rags‘ said, “You Sir, have just been taken to the wood shed for all of your chips by ‘JOHNNY RAGS‘, so ends the lesson.”

‘Rags’ tipped the dealer and the floor an additional $15 each at the front-desk, as he cashed-out and headed for the parking lot.

The following day, ‘Johnny Rags‘ noted that he had forgotten/left his seat cushion at the Santa Fe Station Casino the night before with all of the commotion. Upon returning to see if it had been turned-in by the Night Floor Louis, it was located in the back-room stashed behind a door. Again, getting ready to head out-the-door, the poker room announces their $60 NLH noon-tournament. ‘Rags‘ was more inclined to head for the WSOP events, but since he was parked and already there, he decided to enter the two table $60 tournament.

In short order, after an extensive heads-up battle lasting well over an hour and 20-minutes with the only remaining player, an equal chop was proposed and mutually accepted ($285/each).

Not a bad day’s work and it made driving out to Santa Fe Station to retrieve his seat-cushion more than worthwhile.




Rags,‘ better known as ‘Rick D. Lucas‘ continued his 2-weeks of play with entry into the Golden Nugget Grand Tournament Nightly Deep-stack. ‘Rags‘ outlasted 134 players to finish in a respectable 4th place taking home $838 from the $120 entry $5,000 guarantee event.

TOTAL WINNINGS from the GOLDEN NUGGET GRAND TOURNAMENT: $838 minus $120 entry fee nets to $718.

THE 2019 WSOP:

In capping his short ‘stint‘ at multiple events surrounding the 2019 WSOP footprint, ‘Rags’ entered one of the daily 2:00 pm deep stacks. Although this was not the most profitable event for him, it was by far the most exciting.

All-in and a call at the 2019 WSOP and a 20K chip double-up for ‘Johnny Rags.’

My STRAIGHT FLUSH against a flopped set and full-house on-the-river (4’s full on 9’s).

My opponent started the hand with pocket 4’s and flopped a set-of-fours.

I started the hand with QJ suited in hearts and flopped and up-and-down straight draw with a back-door flush and straight-flush draw.

He was way ahead going to the turn with his set-of-fours, but ‘Rags‘ had a ton of outs.

The turn brought the King of Hearts putting ‘Rags’ in the lead with a straight-to-the-King, back-door flush draw and straight-flush draw.

My opponent was drawing pretty thin, looking for another four or to have the board pair, on the river.

The River came and paired the 9’s, but that nine helped ‘Rags‘ more than it helped him. It gave him a full-house (4’s full of 9’s) and ‘Rags‘ a straight-flush to the King, in hearts.

A knock-out and a huge 20K-chIp double-up and ‘Johnny Rags‘ was on his way!

After outlasting over 895 players, ‘Johnny Rags‘ ran pocket tens into pocket J’s.

Although short-of-the-money, it was a respectable run.

All-in-all, it was a good run at the 2019 WSOP. Although ‘Johnny Rags’ was only in-town for a mere 12-days, he made the most of it. Many other appointments and business obligations precluded maximum play. ‘Rags‘ had intended to play the senior, super-senior and one of the BIG tournaments, but conflicts got the better of him.

See you next year!

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