T5’s Howie Locke


TEAM5 Howie Locke is the star of the ‘The Mob Experience‘ playing at the Tropicana Las Vegas, NV. Howie plays the lead character ‘Big Leo‘ in the Murder, Inc. production of ‘The Mob Experience.’

Howie has appeared in movies (film), television, commercials and performed live in theaters and cabarets in the span of his distinguished career.

His film credits include ‘Blended‘ (lead character: John Zywinskiy); ‘Billionaire Mafia;‘  ‘Godfather/Costello;‘ and ‘Memories, Dreams & Sanity.

His television credits include ‘Underworld Histories‘ (character: Johnny Roselli) (Wall to Wall production); ‘Sin City Diaries‘ (HBO/Cinemax production); and ‘Cinemax Family Jewels‘ (A&E production).


Howie will be participating in TEAM5 events and conducting a special promotional series of TEAM5 breakfast events to include a private show with Howie, autographed TEAM5 t-shirts; TEAM5 card protectors; Howie’s special brand of motivational presentation; coupled with an exclusive TEAM5 poker tournament (play on Howie’s team) immediately following his engaging presentation.

You are going to see a lot more of Howie Locke on the poker scene and we are very proud to have him as part of TEAM5.

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