Wine Aerator Spout

TEAM5poker Introduces Wine Aerator Spout


PRICE: $9.95

WEIGHT: 0.1 lbs.



Enhance the taste, aroma, and texture of any wine, regardless its quality or price with the Wine Aerator and Decanter by Cocktailor. Aerating wine is a practice as old as time. It is a technique that has been used for centuries when it comes to making all types of wine more flavorful and stimulating to the senses. The process is simple: insert the bottom portion of the aerator into the neck of the wine bottle, secure the tapered and ribbed rubber stopper into the top of your bottle to prevent any spills or leaks, and you’re ready to pour and enjoy your air infused glass of wine.


This wine aeration device has a large aerating chamber and air intake system that will infuse the perfect amount of oxygen into your wine with every pour. This alone will effectively enhance your wine experience. And to top it all off, cleanup is easier than installation. Simply remove the device from the bottle, rinse it thoroughly in warm water, and you are finished. After you experience the difference this simple device provides, you will never go back to drinking wine without it.

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