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Neoprene Cable Sleeve with Buckle


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Whether you're a hardcore gamer, an overachiever in the office, or just have way too many cords behind your TV, you can organize and protect everything that plugs in with these neoprene cable sleeves with buckle. You won't have to worry about tangled wires or tripping over knots of electrical cords that lay about your house. It's as easy as wrapping your cords in the sturdy and flexible material, zipping them up in the sleeve to fit snugly around the wires, and saying 'goodbye' to tangled cords. Protect your cords from curious pets and children and hide them away so they'll no longer be an eyesore to you and your house guests.


You'll bundle your loose wires quickly and easily in our cable sleeves, that way you'll have your messy cables organized into one tidy space. By using the buckle on either end of the sleeve, you can use even less space by folding your cords in half. Exposed wires can be dangerous to little hands (or paws), you can reduce the risk of injury drastically by hiding them away in this tight wire sleeve.

PLEASE NOTE: The zippered design allows for multiple cords to be removed, added or easily accessed whenever necessary. Each section is 19.5" in length and you can customize to your desired length buy trimming the end of the sleeve. By clipping one-to-the-other you can extend the length in increments of 19.5" to whatever length that you require. You can 'piggy-back' as many 19.5" pieces as necessary to achieve your goal/target length. Our neoprene cable sleeves accommodate thicknesses up to 1" in diameter.

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Price: $6.95

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