TEAM5poker’s ‘Johnny Rags’ Wins $1,400 Pot + $250 Bonus with a Spade Royal Flush & Plays SUPER SENIOR & GIANT Events at the 2017 WSOP

TEAM5poker’s ‘Johnny Rags‘ Wins $1,400 Pot + $250 Bonus with a Spade Royal Flush on the River at Santa Fe Station Casino in Las Vegas, NV & Plays Super Senior & GIANT Events at the 2017 WSOP (June/July 2017)

TEAM5poker‘s ‘Johnny Rags‘ plays multiple events at the 2017 World Series of Poker (WSOP) and put together a very tumultuous and profitable week-of-play.

After running his ACES into a turned set-of-tens 3.5-hours into DAY1, ‘Rags’ was knocked out of the Super Senior Bracelet Event at this years 2017 WSOP. He later cashed at a daily deepstack and took down two $125 single-table satellites for $1,100 each (plus the $200 last longer for each).

To cap-off the week, ‘Rags‘ stopped by the Santa Fe Station Casino off the 95N in Las Vegas, NV for a night of cash play.

Spade Royal Flush on the River


Johnny Rags‘ was locked-up in a hand with a gentleman in middle position and as you can see from the picture of the layout above, the gentleman flopped a set-of-queens. ‘Rags’ on the other-hand, flopped an up-and-down straight draw, a back-door flush draw and a back-door Royal Flush Draw. Both players got a huge piece of the flop and action/fireworks were sure to follow.

The turn came with another ten (the ten of spades). This gave ‘Rags‘ opponent in middle position a full-house (full boat; queens full of 10’s) and ‘Rags‘ now had additional outs. He now had an open-ended straight flush draw and a Royal Flush draw.

The betting was moderate, as apparently the opponent in middle-position was ‘slow playing his hand‘ while trying to extract as much money from ‘Rags‘ as possible without at-the-same-time chasing ‘Rags’ out-of-the-hand. The player in middle position thought that he had ‘Rags‘ exactly where he wanted him and was very comfortable letting ‘Rags‘ hang-around. He was also convinced that he had a ‘hammer-lock’ on the hand and essentially ‘could not lose‘. Each player had approximately $175 in the pot after the turn card hit the felt.

The river came with the ace-of-spades completing the Spade Royal Flush for ‘Rags.’

Each player had approximately $495 behind (‘Rags‘ had the player in middle position out-chipped/covered by about $5); and after contemplating his action for a reasonable-amount-of-time, ‘Rags‘ announced ‘ALL-IN‘ and pushed his remaining chips into the pot. This ‘ALL-IN‘ declaration evoked an immediate snap-call from the player in middle-position.

The player in middle position proudly announced, ‘full-house.’

Rags‘ calmly responded with, ‘Royal Flush.’

The player in middle position went ballastic shouting ‘jackpot, bad-beat jackpot.’ Howerver, he was mistaken. He needed another QUEEN for that to be the case (quad queens). It did add a bit of drama and excitement though.

THE RESULT: ‘Rags‘ dragged a pot of just over $1,400 and capped that with the standard ‘Royal Flush Bonus‘ at the Stations for an additional $250 bonus.


Had one of the hearts on the board instead been another QUEEN, it would have been four/quad queens beaten and the Bad Beat Jackpot was just over $165,950 at that moment in time. The BBJ would have been dispersed 50% to the loser-of-the-hand; 30% to the winner-of-the-hand and the remaining 10% would have been divided between all active players seated at tables at all games in the poker rooms at all of the participating Station Casinos.

Loser of the hand: $82,975

Winner of the hand: $49,785

Remainder distributed to all Station Casinos active poker players: $33,190

Rags,‘ better known as ‘Rick D. Lucas‘ intends to return to Las Vegas and the 2017 WSOP as he is registered for the final flight of the $365 GIANT bracelet event on Friday the 7th of July, 2017 with Day 2 and Day 3 to follow immediately thereafter, as necessary.



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