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TEAM5Captain Program’ • 6-Month Renewal

'Organize a Team for Fun and/or Profit'

TEAM5 CAPTAIN: He/she is responsible for managing their team (5 players + 2 alternates) in TEAM5 and non-TEAM5 events. As an independent contractor, he/she has access to all TEAM5 tools and services which facilitate managing his/her team for fun; or for profit.

TEAM5 CAPTAINS: Team Captains are responsible for collecting all fees and distributing all earnings/profits.

TEAM5 CAPTAINS: Report directly to their respective T5 League Commissioner.

TEAM5 CAPTAINS: May apply to TEAM5 for sponsorship funds.

TEAM5 CAPTAINS: Receive a 10% discount on all TEAM5 products and services offered on www.TEAM5poker.com.

OTHER TEAM5 CAPTAIN BENEFITS: Team name registration, TEAM5 camaraderie and support, local T5 Commissioner support, access to a team page on www.TEAM5poker.com, availability for TEAM5 sponsorship funds, TEAM5 Guest Free-Agent on a no-cost basis.


$99.95: TEAM5 6-month renewal (same benefits as the initial program).

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