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TEAM5League Commissioner Program + Website’ • 12-Month Renewable

'Organize an Open League for Fun and/or Profit'

DEFINITION: T5 League Commissioners are the official representative of and are directly responsible for rules oversight and enforcement.

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES: T5 League Commissioner responsibilities include: open league management, rules enforcement, financial management and accountability.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: T5 League Commissioners actively markets for teams, sponsors and affiliates within their jurisdiction.

OVERSIGHT: T5 League Commissioners have direct oversight over league events, special events, team challenges, and WSOP seat programs within their jurisdiction.

OPTIONAL INCLUDED BENEFIT: As independent contractors, T5 League Commissioners have exclusive marketing rights to TEAM5 scheduling and marketing tools within their jurisdiction. As a T5 League Commissioner option, TEAM5 will make available a webpage option that will afford the T5 League Commissioner the ability to facilitate team management and scheduling. The T5 Commissioner can then in-turn, market this valuable tool to his/her team captains.

T5 COMMISSIONER MARGINS: T5 Commissioners receive an equal share (50%/50%) of net profits from open league operations within their jurisdiction.

 T5 COMMISSIONER SELECTION: selects League Commissioners on an annual basis and assigns them to a specific venue. Please contact TEAM5 for further details.

T5 OPEN LEAGUES: A TEAM5 open league is created when five (5) or more teams are established on a geographic or fraternal basis. Each league will be managed by a league commissioner, selected by


$199.95: TEAM5 12-month renewable League Commissioner Program plus League Webpage (registration fee + League Webpage).

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