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Rockwell 94"x45" Poker Table w/Square Dining Top


SKU: BB TAB-0033

COLORS AVAILABLE: Black, Blue, Green or Red

DIMENSIONS: 94" long x 45" wide x 30" high

COST: $2,995.95 (USA Shipping Included)

PREMIUM QUALITY: This is the Rockwell. It's our premium graded casino quality poker table. For the sophisticated player, or the player trying to convince the wife to put a poker table in the living room, the Rockwell design table sets the standard in elegance with an optional dining top option. Subtle accents incorporated in the Rockwell's design make for a great living room show piece or dining room gem.

The Rockwell features premium wood work with a hand carved ball and claw leg design and stylish middle board foot rest. Solid wood design and state of the art paint and sealer give the table an unmatched gloss finish. All our high end tables have 5 coats of premium stain, with a final coat of clear gloss sealer for the highest quality paint finish on the market.

Ten stainless steel extra large 4" cup holders mounted in the racetrack offer structured seating for all players. A removable playing surface ensures that you can upgrade, customize or replace the playing surface should the need arise.

All Rockwell tables come with a free backup playing surface, please specify the color upon checkout (if no color is specified you will receive a random color).

The dining table top comes with this order. It is an extremely nice square wooden top that adds class and style to any room. Be sure to specify the color of the table felt you would prefer (black, blue, red, or green).

This is the Rockwell - simply the best poker table available. It is our premium grade casino quality poker table. This Rockwell table is intended for players who want to make a statement about their game without saying a word. TEAM5 presents the Rockwell ultra premium poker table with built in drop box. Crafted with style and luxury in mind, all aspects of the design of this table was meant to differentiate your game from the crowd. It is without question, a cut-above all other tables on the market.

Another unique design aspect of the Rockwell that your guests will immediately notice is the quality wood work on the legs and racetrack of the table. The legs of the Rockwell feature hand carved ball and claw legs, and not the cheaper plain wood legs that other companies offer. The wood is stained with 5 coats plus a coat of gloss sealer in a state of the art paint booth to give it an unmatched shine, the paint quality of all our high end wood tables is guaranteed to be of the highest quality on the market, bar none.

USA Shipping is included in the price of this table.





Shipping Considerations

Each Rockwell table is set on a custom pallet and is guaranteed against freight damage. However, please be advised of the following shipping protocol requirements:

How to Receive Your Poker Table

Upon receiving your order, we will book the proper freight on your behalf. We will then send you your tracking information via e-mail. The freight company will then be in contact with you directly prior to final delivery in order to schedule the best/most convenient time for delivery/drop off of your Rockwell table.

Mandatory Inspection Upon Arrival/Delivery

It is very important that upon arrival of your Rockwell table (delivery); you must insure that you open and thoroughly inspect your Rockwell table while the driver is present.

Before you sign-off on the delivery of your Rockwell table, please make sure that you check that your table arrived in perfect condition. All tables are insured, however damages must be accounted for at the time of final delivery, or it will delay (or sometimes negate) any possible insurance claim (replacement table).

In the Unlikely Event That Your Driver Cannot or Will Not Wait for Inspection

In the event that your driver refuses to or can not wait for said thorough inspection by you; please have your driver mark on the Bill of Lading, 'Customer Will Inspect.' This releases you from fault and allows you to thoroughly inspect your Premier table after the driver leaves. You must insist on one or the other - the driver waits for thorough inspection or the driver initials/signs the Bill of Lading with the annotation 'Customer Will Inspect.'

In the Event of Damage

In the event that your Premier table was damaged in transit, please do not accept the delivery. Please make sure that you have the delivery driver mark, "Refused, Damaged upon Delivery" on the Premier table packaging and the shipping documents (Bill of Lading).

Damage Notification

Then give us a call or e-mail and let us know. Most of the time, we will simply make a phone call on your behalf, and thereafter we can ship out a replacement Rockwell table immediately.

In the Event of Normal Delivery

In 99% of the case, simply open, inspect, sign the bill of lading and enjoy!

Important Caveat in Either Case

Please keep in mind that if you sign the bill of lading, you are releasing all liability from the freight company, so inspect, inspect, inspect!

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