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The Clock’ – Professional Poker Tournament Clock

SKU: TC T5P-2011

Price: $34.95 – Home Edition (non-commercial use only)

Price: $500.00 – Club Edition

Price:  $1,500.00 – Pro Edition

Price: $99.95 – Optional ‘Hand-held Remote Control

Price: $49.95 – Optional ‘Serial to USB Adaptor’ (only required if your computer does not have a serial port)


The Clock’ is top of the line software to manage your poker tournaments in the most elegant manner possible.

The Clock’ is completely programmable and keeps your tournament players ‘up to speed’ at all times, as to the time remaining in the level; the blinds and antes; the total number of players remaining, the total prize pool; the current level; the next level; the interval to the next break; the current time; the event number; the game and buy-in; total number of entries; the interval to the dinner break; and so much more.


The Clock’, selected by casinos and card rooms big and small, throughout the U.S. and around the world, running everything from small daily poker events to the major poker tournaments.

When you run your tournaments with ‘The Clock’ everybody benefits: Your poker tournament staff no longer need worry about stop watches, checking the structure levels, remembering color ups or calculating the prizes. Your poker players no longer need to ask all the same questions like “When is the next break?" "How much time is left?", "What are the next blinds?", "How many players left?" Your poker dealers always know what's happening, even after coming back from breaks, allowing you and your staff to get on with the job of effectively running your poker tournament.


The Clock’ is much more than just a clock face, it is a complete program package that includes simple to fill in forms like the one above, and helpful features (like 'auto fill' that fills in the limits on structure sheets, especially useful for calculating pot limit raises), that make setting up your payout tables, structure sheets and poker events as easy as can be.

And when it comes time to run your poker events, those same simple screens, menus and buttons are right there in case you need to make changes, like adding a break or changing the payout structure, all with the clock still running.

The Clock’ can be as simple to use as literally having one click run a poker event from beginning to end unattended (and with the optional pre-programmed remote you won't even need to go near the keyboard), or discover ‘The Clock's’ complete rich set of features such as automatic calculation of 'saves' and chip count deals, a timer for when you need to put a clock on a slow player or give a timeout penalty, a second clock for when you are running two poker events at once (like for an evening tournament or super satellite while the main event is still running) but only have one screen available, multiple rotating banners to advertise your property, and much, much more.

The display can be customized in many ways, for example, you can show the 'Payout Banner' which rotates through your payouts, it alternates with the 'Detail Banner' (information about total prize pool, chips in play, total entries and number of players paid).


The 'Ad Banner' (using graphics, animated .gif files, text, or in combination as shown here) can rotate through unlimited banners, each can be set to display for any number of seconds. Advertise your upcoming poker events, your restaurants and other facilities, show informational messages, list the names of your final table poker players, sell ad space, gain sponsors for your events. The possibilities are endless.


The Clock’ is currently in use at many casinos and card clubs, mostly throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia.


The Clock’ runs on any recent Windows based system, however it is not recommended for any OS older than Windows 98SE (second edition). Your PC or laptop computer must have a minimum of 60 MB of free disk space, and a minimum of 128 MB of RAM.

The graphics must be set to a minimum of 1024X768 (also known as 'XGA'). Anything less is not supported; anything more will mean that ‘The Clock’ will work properly (will not fill the entire screen).

If you wish to display the clock display on a TV, big screen TV, plasma monitor or projection unit, you will also require a video cable (S-Video or RCA), or worst case scenario, a video converter that supports 1024X768 (‘XGA’). Exact requirements will depend on the inputs and outputs available on your PC and on your TV or video monitor (some PCs have a built in video converter. Some of the higher priced video converters will let you 'stretch' the screen, so that you can make the graphic image populate the entire TV screen, while at the same time, hiding the buttons along the bottom and the Windows frame at the top).


The optional remote requires an available serial port, but will also work with a Universal Serial Bus (USB) to serial port adapter (however, it will not work with a PS2 to serial adapter).

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