T5 Free Agent Program

TEAM5Free Agent Program’ • 6-Month Renewable


Become a T5 Free Agent for Fun and/or Profit

TEAM5 FREE AGENT: T5 Free Agency provides for ‘premier status‘ as active TEAM5 representatives. T5 Free Agents are aggressively managed for sponsorship.

THE ‘TOP 50‘ FREE AGENTS: The ‘Top 50T5 Free Agents are prominently displayed on the TEAM5 Free Agent website scroll-bar.

BENEFITS: T5 Free Agents receive first priority when Pro Team members are selected.

T5 FREE AGENT RANKING: T5 Free Agents are ranked by: (1) TEAM5 earnings/winnings; (2) TEAM5 player rating system; and (3) estimated lifetime earnings/winnings.


$49.95: TEAM5 Registration + TEAM5 player rating + TEAM5 poker services member availability + the ability to sign with a TEAM5 Pro team or TEAM5 open team.